Your Technicians On Call:

By utilizing Netimetry, your organization can enjoy the benefits of having computer network experts "on staff" to solve your hardware and software problems.
Our technicians have been servicing and configuring computer systems, scanners, printers, drives, and networks for more than a dozen years.  We have gained a solid reputation in the financial, accounting, legal and healthcare sectors by providing quick solutions in time-dependent scenarios.

Remote Login Diagnosis of Software and Configuration Problems

Many types of system software and network configuration problems can be difficult to diagnose over the phone.  A Netimetry technician, using remote control software via a simple dial-up modem connection, can often remotely diagnose and quickly correct problems that would otherwise require a scheduled on-site service call.  Call Netimetry today to find out how you can set up a remote login account for your network or computer system. 


Netimetry Technical Support Hotline

All of our consultants are equipped with mobile communications and stand ready to serve you.  Call our Technical Support Hotline at 1-800-264-2734 to request immediate callback from our consultants.  They will walk you through problems over the phone to get you back up and running.  Service charges apply, minimum half hour charge per support issue.

Full Network Analysis

Netimetry offers Network performance Analysis and Diagramming of your network.  Ever wonder what is really going on in your network?  How much traffic, collisions and errors are occurring?  If there are problems, who's causing them?  Do you need to add more equipment?  With Netimetry's Network Analysis, we can provide these answers and much more.  Contact your network engineer for details.


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Installation and Cabling

Need additional computers hooked up to your network? Netimetry can install and certify network cabling for small to mid-size businesses. Whether it is a simple office run or connection between warehouses, we are fully equipped to do the job. We can upgrade you to the latest Category 5e cable capable of carrying data at gigabit speeds. Or we can certify your existing cable to make sure that it meets network specifications.


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